Since the establishing year 1984 we rename up to now, we are always improving our quality.
We consider quality is a system in which human is the most important factor.
In order to maintain high quality products with Total Control system (TQC) with the below main factors.
¤ıSet up the quality policy
¤ıSet up quality and administration management plan
¤ıDesign and control the changing in designation
¤ıControl the import materials
¤ıControl the producing quality
¤ıSet up the contract points of users and efficiency in each fields
¤ıEmployees recruiting, training and maintaining
The quality control team consists of key men in quality related sectors such as product, technical service, marketing,
continuously studies the customer needs, demands and satisfaction.
TECHNOS's Customer Services included special consulting services regarding to production, research, sales activities or
any other problems that might be encountered by our customers.
We guarantee our equipment is against manufacturing defects for one(01)year from the date shipments.
¤ıDustless school chalk production technology and equipments
¤ıDrinking yoghurt filling and sealing plant
¤ıStick yoghurt filling and sealing plant
¤ıAutomatic Ice-cream production plant
¤ıDistribution and assembly of water faucet products
¤ıCNG Filling Station
¤ıIndustrial materials and chemicals