DIMENSIONS (L*W*H) 5000*2600*5500
INSTALLED POWER (kW) Slow roller 90 (125HP) x 4Poles
Fast roller 110 (150HP) x 4 Poles
ROLLER SPEED (rpm) Fast roller Max. 400
Slow roller 350~390
CAPACITY (m3 /hr) Roll gap 0.7mm 40~45
Roll gap 1.0mm 55~60
WEIGHT(kg) 23,000
Mechanical features

¤ıSimple structure and easy replacement of part.
¤ıEvery part is precision-processed at a high speed, noise and vibration in operation is minimized.
¤ıThe roller is high wear-proof by a heat-treatment process of high chrome steel.
¤ıTwo rollers reduce the load of the machine rubbing and crushing clay equally by rotating at a high & low speed.
¤ıAvailable to crush up to minimize 0.5mm through high-speed revolution of the roller.
¤ıSteel shafts mounted on double row roller bearings easily detachable. Mobile roller assembled on equalizer and controlled
   in its working by a couple of hydraulic cylinders under pressure.
¤ıEach roller is moved by belts, grooves pulleys and independent motor, high resistance steel scrapers with regulation and
   pneumatic drive clutch.
¤ıHydraulic station, with a 60 liters capacity tank, to drive rolling backpressure and for oscillating roller driving.
   The installed pump has a capacity of 6 liters / min. and assures a working at a maximum pressure of 180 bars.
¤ıThe station is complete with two hydro-pneumatic accumulators which grant the automatic pick-up of all clearances in the
   oscillating roller cinematic motion.
   The electric plant is equipped with special devices for the immediate control of rolling pressure.
¤ıConstant control of the roller by the hydraulic cylinder.
¤ıAutomatic control of all operation from the electrical control box. (Perfect data managements through touch screen self-
   diagnosis for CPU and machines.)